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Recipe book template is an InDesign template that will help you in creating your own cookbook. The design has a few nifty features. The design is built to provide you with space for one large image, one smaller image, ingredients, and information about the preparation and cooking of food. There is “info” table where you can enter information for ‘Prep time’, ‘Cook time’, ‘Ready in’, ‘Serves’. Another useful table is used to enter information about nutrition info, i.e. calories, fat, protein, carbs, sodium. The design is using color scheme to make it easy to identify book section. The same scheme is introduced on the index page which makes navigating through book pages quite easy.

Each recipe spread comes with its own color scheme. Color-code sidebar on the left is used for category (in this template we chose appetizer, side dish, main course, soup, vegetarian, and bread, cake, & pie). The title of recipe has the same color as the category, so does the divider which separates ingredient section from the divider section. You can change colors easily throughout the whole documentation by changing value of color swatch – all colors will be updated automatically.

The image for the cover of this book is included, and you can create your own word map – please see documentation for link to a website.

What is included with this template?

  1. Recipe book.indd – InDesign file created in Adobe CS3
  2. Recipe book.inx – version compatible with Adobe CS2
  3. Recipe book.pdf – pdf preview
  4. Images: vector “cover image.ai” for the cover page, vector images of colored dividers
  5. Fonts.txt – this is where you will find information about all fonts used to create this template
  6. README.txt – permanent link to help article

Food Images

The images of food are copyright of Marisa Perez. The images are not included with your purchase.


4 fonts are used to create this template. You can download these fonts for free to achieve the same look or you can use fonts of your choice.

Main characteristics of this template

  • Creative DIY cover design
  • Color-coded navigation
  • Page design for typical cookbook components: ingredients, images, directions
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