What is InDesing?

Introducing InDesign*: liberate your creativity by using this professional page-layout software to design, preflight, and publish a wide range of documents to variety of targets – traditional print media, Web and online, and to mobile devices.

InDesign was conceived and built for use by professionals in leading edge publishing environments. Whether you’re a designer, a pre-press specialist, or a production supervisor, and whether you work for a book publisher, a commercial printer, or a corporate design department, InDesign is for you. And magazines, design firms, advertising agencies, newspapers, and retail / catalogue companies, InDesign has got all your needs covered!

So — how to take advantage of this great application? Well, say you’ve created scads of great artwork with Illustrator and Photoshop. Here’s where InDesign comes in. Use it to compose page layouts, from a single page to multi-page layouts, from all that artwork. Simply link to external images and vector graphics you created in Illustrator or Photoshop, and add text. Linking to external files provides the advantage that any change in the original source will be reflected in your InDesign layout.

InDesign’s versatility means that it ‘rules’ across the entire layout-software ‘realm’. Consider an advertising campaign where you have to replicate and re-use the same elements – colours, text styles, object styles, image assets, and more – across your various media on print, web and electronic platforms. What do you do? There’s nothing to it – simply use InDesign. Make it the hub of this entire workflow, and share and export the layouts as appropriate.

InDesign continues to reign supreme in its original niche: book design; indeed, in any area or project that requires advanced typography and imagery. It is also your ‘go to’ application for automated workflows such as catalogue or directory publishing.

You can also use InDesign to ‘suck’ data out of a database – several discrete pieces can be integrated to ‘compile’ a layout, which you then simply publish. Thus, with InDesign you can ‘put it together’. InDesign even offers basic illustration and photo manipulation tools, thus eliminating the need to use Illustrator or Photoshop for minor edits.

*please note that the terms “InDesing” does not actually exist. The correct name is InDesign, and it refers to the software developed and manufactured by Adobe ®.