Sell your templates

Do you have a hot template to sell?

Great! You are on the fast track to earning money!

How does this work?

We’re constantly looking for new templates to add to our collection. If you have some templates you made we will buy those from you. It’s that simple!

Send us an email with a short description of your file, as well as pdf we can review. Tell us how much you would like to sell the file for. We will evaluate your template based on the quality of design, uniqueness, general aesthetics, and overall desirability. We will then get back to you with some paperwork to make the sale happen or, if we think the template is not a good fit for our collections, with suggestions on how to proceed.

How much money can you make?

This depends on your template. Generally, you can expect to make anywhere from $1 to $100 per page of your template and anywhere from $10 to $1000 per each template. You’ll get paid on a per-template basis so there is no waiting to get paid.

Can you sell the same template somewhere else?

Sorry, no. The price we offer is to buy-out the template, not a commission from sales. You are signing over the rights to the source of your template to us. In return you won’t have to worry about commission cuts, customer support, file updates – we take care of everything.

The template you sell to us will be used by other designers for commercial projects and without attribution. We will ask you to transfer the rights of your template to us and we will ask you to make sure to understand what this means and that you are ok with this.