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    How to work with InDesign grid

    Most of the styles in our template are set to align to baseline grid. Aligning to grid ensures that text always lines up between columns and from page and consistency in the location of text elements on a page. You can change grid settings by going to Preferences > Grids. To view template grid simply choose View > Grids & Guides > Show Baseline Grid (you many need to zoom in if you do not see it).

    The easiest way to discover that your text is aligned to grid is when you notice InDesign “misbehaving” and ignoring values you enter for text leading. When “Align to Baseline Grid” setting is turned on it overwrites whatever values you enter and aligns text to grid instead. Using baseline grid might seem difficult at first but it is worth the effort if you want to ensure consistency of your elements on a page. In a few words, by adding a baseline grid to your document, you are making sure that all your text is locked to that grid, and by that, assure the final result is printed “line on line”.

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